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Hu Dongfeng
Breakthrough in natural gas exploration in the platform margin shoal at the Maokou Fm in the Yuanba area, Sichuan Basin, and its implications
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Kang Yongshang, Rao Quan, Zhao Qun & Wang Hongyan
Exploration and development potential of the low-maturity continental shale gas in the Fuxin Basin
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Wang Xiuchao
New parameters for quantitative evaluation of gas-bearing property of natural gas reservoirs
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Zhu Xun, Gu Yifan, Jiang Yuqiang, Tang Tingke, Xu Wei, Li Kaihong & Deng Hui
Characteristics and reservoir body classification & evaluation of Sinian Dengying karst reservoirs in the Gaoshiti Block of central Sichuan Basin
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Wu Hengzhi, Xiong Liang, Ge Zhongwei, Shi Hongliang, Wang Tong & Fan Li
Fine characterization and target window optimization of high-quality shale gas reservoirs in the Weiyuan area, Sichuan Basin
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Long Shengxiang, Zhang Yongqing, Li Juhong, Sun Zhiyu, Shang Xiaofei & Dai Cheng
Comprehensive geological modeling technology for shale gas reservoirs
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Sun Hedong, Wang Hongyu, Zhu Songbai, Nie Haifeng, Liu Yang, Li Yuanjie, Li Songlin, Cao Wen, Chang Baohua
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Lu Yinbin
Higher-order Knudsen's permeability correction model for rarefied gas in micro-scale channels
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Wang Chengwen, Chen Xin, Zhou Wei, Wang Yonghong, Xue Yucheng & Luo Faqiang
Working mechanism of nano-SiO2 sol to alleviate the strength decline of oil well cement under high temperature
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Zhang Zhi, Zhu Xiaohua & Xu Jianbo
Structural parameters optimization of compression packer rubber based on orthogonal test
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Yao Anlin, He Wenbo, Xu Taolong, Jiang Hongye & Gu Dongfang
A 3D-VCCT based method for the fracture analysis of gas line pipes with multiple cracks
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Wang Xu & Shuai Jian
A calculation method for ultimate load of the gas line pipes with girth weld surface cracks
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Chang Haijun, Dai Zhengyu & Ding Yuan
Optimized control of line pack of gas pipeline
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Weng Banghua, Yang Jie, Chen Changjie, Xu Xuan, Wang Ying & Gao Xiaogen
Sulfide control indexes and treatment measures in gas field water
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Xiong Junnan, Sun Mingyuan & Sun Ming
Risk assessment on mountain torrents and debris flows along long-distance pipelines based on the GIS and coupling-coordination principle
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Cao Guofei, Gu Qinglin, Jiang Yongtao, Li Yongfa, Mao Jian, Xiu Linran, Wang Xiuyun & Jiang Zitao
Current interference of HVDC ground electrode to buried pipelines and its personal safety distance
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Song Zhen, Sun Ying, Li Kaili, Lü Zhonglei & Sun Haoming
Research of umbrella-like tool for solid fluidization exploitation of shallow non-diagenetic gas hydrates in deep water
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