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Li Aimin
Strategic thinking on the role of a major force in providing good services of domestic natural gas exploration and development engineering and technology in the new era
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Yang Wei, Wei Guoqi, Xie Wuren, Liu Mancang, Jin Hui, Zeng Fuying, Su Nan, Sun Ai, Shen Yuhong & Ma Shiyu
New understandings of the sedimentation mode of Lower Cambrian Longwangmiao Fm reservoirs in the Sichuan Basin
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Ma Zhixin, Zhang Ji, Xue Wen, Fu Bin, BaiYuqi, Peng Xuehua & Su Wenjie
A new architecture characterization method for braided river channel bar sandbody
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Liu Qunming, Tang Haifa, Lü Zhikai, Wang Zelong, Fu Ninghai & Guo Zhi
An architectural study on the blocking zone of braided river tight sandstone reservoirs: A case study on the tight sandstone gas reservoirs of the 8th Member, Shihezi Fm, Middle Permian in the Sulige Gas Field, Ordos Basin
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Lü Xueying, Jiang Youlu, Liu Jingdong & Xu Tianwu
Charging mechanism and hydrocarbon accumulation process of deep-seated tight sandstone gas reservoirs in oil-rich depressions: A case study on the Es3 gas reservoir in the Duzhai Gas Field of the Dongpu Depression, Bohai Bay Basin
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Hu Zhiming, Duan Xianggang, He Yabin, Wu Jianfa, Chang Jin, Liu Li, Wu Kang & Ma Zhenyong
Influence of reservoir primary water on shale gas occurrence and flow capacity
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Chen Jinsong, Han Hongbao, Nian Jingbo & Guo Li
Application of the probability method to undeveloped EUR assessment of shale gas: A case study on one mature shale gas block in North America
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Li Yanchao, He Yunbin, Xiao Jianfeng, Shi Xiaozhi, Feng Qiang & Yin Congbin
Optimal selection and effect evaluation of re-fracturing intervals of shale-gas horizontal wells
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Dang Lurui
Simulation of effective fracture length of prepad acid fracturing considering multiple leak-off effect
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Zou Lingzhan, Mao Yuncai, Liu Wenzhong, Wang Haige, Guo Jianhua, Deng Chuanguang, Zheng Youcheng, Huang Hongchun, Li Jie, Yue Hong & Chen Gang
Unconventional casing programs for subsalt ultra-deep wells with a complex pressure system: A case study on Well Wutan 1 in the Sichuan Basin
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Zheng Shuquan, Luo Liangyi, Chen Zhengyun, Wu Daofu, Fu Huacai, Zhong Guangrong, Huang Chunhua & Luo Yuhong
Determination of drilling fluid density for safety drilling in multi-pressure system strata and its Application: A case study on Ø333.38 mm hole section of Well Wutan1 in the Sichuan Basin
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Duan Zhenya, Liang Longhui, Li Shuai, Liu Zhan, Li Zhenjiang & Liu Xinzhe
Natural gas supersonic cyclone separation technology with the integration of condensation and centrifugation
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Zhou Li, Chen Gengliang, Guo Kaihua, Wang Weijie & Wang Xiaoqin
Understanding and discussion on the international standard ISO 10723:2012
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Yang Xiangtong, ShenXinpu, Wang Kelin, Shen Guoyang, Geng Hailong & Deng Peng
Mechanical mechanisms of tubing string failures in well completion operation: A case study from one HTHP well in the Tarim Basin
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Wang Jianhong, Yu Xinping, Zhan Minshu, Xu Bo, Zhu Ling & Wang Yafei
Oxidation absorption of H2S by [bmim]OH and [A336][FeCl4] mixed ionic liquid
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Dai Youjin, Li Shiqun, Xia Liangyu, Li Jingxin & Lü Yang
A CBM development well type optimization method based on the long-run marginal cost
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Zhang Shuquan, Sun Zhu & Liu Yang
Reasons and countermeasures for the seasonal gas shortage in 2017
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Xu Hailiang, Kong Weiyang & Yang Fangqiong
Decomposition characteristics of natural gas hydrates in hydraulic lifting pipelines
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